Terri Lykins, RD, LD
Terri Lykins, RD, LD
is a registered, licensed dietitian with twenty years of experience in clinical and wellness nutrition. Her spiritual revelations regarding the path for breaking free from the chains of emotional eating will transform your life!

My Story

Soul Food is not the book I would have written, as a dietitian.  Until a few years ago, I had no background in church or the Bible.  I believed in God, but didn’t care to get to know Him on His terms.  I made up my own ideas about God, and didn’t really think much about Christ, except that I did believe He existed and was a nice person.

I spent my days trying to unlock the mysteries of metabolism.  How each person was different and needed custom percentages of carbohydrate, protein and fat to thrive and achieve their best weight.  I designed a simple computer program to create personalized nutrition plans for my clients, and kept wondering why people got very excited at first about their nutrition plan then fell off the wagon a few weeks later.  I worried that maybe I didn’t explain it thoroughly.  Maybe the menus I made for them weren’t clear enough about portion size, or maybe they didn’t like the entrees I suggested.

When God was ready, He called me to Him through a friend who brought me to Christ.  Soon, I began to see the truth about all of this.  People in fact do know the difference between an apple and a doughnut.  The problem is not a lack of knowledge.  It is the non-hunger eating that people do to take the edge off of the stress and fear and anxiety they feel.  This is what sabotages our best efforts to “eat right”.

Through the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, I began to understand the truth about the stronghold lies we possess inside, dating back as far as childhood and perhaps throughout generations of our family, that drive us to seek relief through food and other behaviors.  Most all of us have a repertoire of comfort-seeking strategies.  Some are healthy, like exercise, but some are very destructive over time, like comfort eating, overspending, drinking, or worse.  Few are the people who are really ready to find freedom from within, by applying Biblical truths to break down stronghold lies and their accompanying behaviors that feed the lies and give them life, like a tumor that has its own blood supply through vessels that form to feed the growth.

It’s much easier to change from the outside, by applying information from diet books or playing with fad-nutrition shortcuts.  We get excited and even obsessed with following the new program for a few weeks, get a short-term result from a drastic change that was driven by the novelty of the distraction from our real issues, and then fall right back into our old ways once the novelty wears off. 

If this sounds like truth and freedom to you, I strongly encourage you to read Soul Food.  If you are a member of a church or a group and you would like to bring this program to your area, email me at and let’s see how we can make that happen.

While teaching this at a large church in my area, I have seen amazing transformations happen with my students.  They cry, and laugh, and change.  They read the Bible more, and they are closer to God than ever before.  They experience that peace that surpasses all understanding.  Peace that doesn’t come from eating doughnuts, but from feeding on Spiritual milk and meat.

Best wishes to you as you continue your journey to finding the answers that work for you.  I pray that this book will reach you and transform you, through and through.

Terri Lykins

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:23, KJV).

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